(January 26, 2020)

The XVape Fog Dry Herb Vaporizer is quite possibly the best value convection dry herb vaporizer in Australia, or anywhere else in the world. Seroiusly. What makes the XVape Fog vaporizer stand out from other dry herb vaporizers is the advanced hybrid convection heating technology it uses. 

The XVape Fog predominantly uses convection heating, however this is combined with the use of conduction heating to provide the best quality vapour possible.

The XVape Fog has features you would find in dry herb vaporizers that cost twice as much and a quality of vapour to match. The build quality, design, features and materials used on the XVape Fog are have previously been unheard of in a vaporizer at this price.

If you’re looking for your first ever dry herb vaporizer, or a convection vaporizer to add yo your collection the XVape fog is definitely worth a close look.

Incredibly Fast Heat up time...

The XVape Fog convection vaporizer has a ridiculously fast heating up time. It only takes around 5 seconds to heat up from 0C to 180C, some call it ‘instant’.. Thats crazy!! I can’t think of any other dry herb vaporizers that heat up and are ready to use that quickly, but it’s true. 

Design, Style, Quality...

The style and design of the XVape Fog convection vaporizer is reminiscent of the XMax Starry 3.0 but is improved in many ways. The XVape Fog is slightly smaller than the XMax Starry 3.0 and fits very comfortably and naturally in your hand. 

As soon as you pick it up you can feel that it is a well built, solid unit that just feels like quality and the gunmetal black finish gives the XVape Fog a sleek look.

Oven / Chamber...

The oven chamber in the XVape Fog is made from stainless steel, which is an upgrade compared to some much more expensive convection vaporizers on the market which have an aluminium chamber.

Packing your dry herb into the chamber of the XVape Fog is made easy by the design of the ‘shelf’ at the top of the chamber. It is sloped downwards towards the chamber to assist packing  and has raised edges so you don’t spill your herbs. Since it's a convection vape, you can also pack smaller amounts for micro-dosing.


The attention to detail in the design and the materials used in vapour path of the XVape Fog vaporizer make it comparable to the most high end premium dry herb vaporizers available.

The mouthpiece is a swivel type mouthpiece similar to the XMax Starry 3.0 and is made from Zirchonia Ceramic to ensure a cool, flavoursome vapour and is easy to inhale through with just the right amount of draw resistance to feel comfortable and natural. The mouthpiece screen and filter is easy to remove for cleaning and doesn’t block up as quickly as the metal mesh type of filters.

The mouthpiece connects to the vaporizer itself by a strong magnet and is connected to the vaporizer on one side with a hinge, which we thought is very handy when it comes to not losing the mouthpiece!

Vapour Path...

The Vapour path on the XVape Fog vaporizer consists of the stainless steel chamber, steel filter screens and black Zirconia mouthpiece to provide a very pleasant vapour experience, which hasn’t come into contact with any inferior quality materials such as rubber or aluminium that can contaminate the flavour of the vapour.

Temperature Selection...

The temperature selection on the XVape Fog is operated by holding down the only button on the vaporizer and it will scroll through the 5 optimised preset temperature selections between 180C - 220C. The preset temperatures have been carefully selected to provide the most useful temperatures for vaporizing both dry herb and concentrates at a variety of temperatures for different flavour profiles and the temperature level is displayed by the green lights on the vaporizer.

The lack of an OLED digital display with full, by the degree temperature control is a small trade off in features to keep the XVape fog at the remarkable price it is. If I had to decide between having a digital temperature display, or the quality of vapour that only a convection dry herb vaporizer like the XVape Fog can provide, I know what I would choose…

Convection vs Conduction heating...

There are two main types of heating methods that are used in dry herb vaporizers: convection and conduction. Both types heat the dry herbs to a temperature that is just below the temperature where the herbs burn (combustion) and produce smoke that is filled with toxicants not present in vapour.

The XVape Fog vaporizer uses a combination of both convection and conduction heating.

The convection heating method in dry herb vaporizers heats the air before it passes through the dry herbs. As the heated air passes through the dry herbs it extracts the effects and flavour without producing smoke.

The conduction heating method in dry herb vaporizers heats the dry herbs themselves by heating the chamber the herbs are in, and air is then passed through the heated herbs which extracts all the goodness in the form of a pleasant tasting vapour. 

The popular opinion is that the convection method is the best type of dry herb vaporizer but again, both types work well and opinions vary. Until the XVape Fog came along, the choice between a convection or a conduction dry herb vaporizer came down to the huge difference in price, but now that all seems to have changed.

Battery & Charging...

The XVape Fog comes with an easily removable Samsung 18650 / 2600mAh battery which provides ample charge for repeated use before it needs to be recharged. The battery is very easy to replace and spare replacement batteries are easily available and sold separately.

The XVape Fog comes with a micro USB charging cable which can be plugged into any USB charger and mains power plug chargers are also available separately. 

When you turn the device on a light will briefly appear indicating the battery charge level.

Operation & Ease of Use...

The XVape Fog, like most dry herb vaporizers, is very easy to use. There is only one button to turn the XVape fog on, off and select the temperature.

Press the button 3 times to turn the vaporizer on and off. Hold down the button and it will scroll through the 5 present temperatures which is indicated by the green lights on the front of the vaporizer. When then green lights stop flashing it means it has reached the selected temperature and is ready to use. 

The XVape Fog doesn’t have haptic vibration technology to let you know when its ready to use unlike many other dry herb vaporizers do these days, but I personally think its really not necessary anyway, especially when the XVape Fog heats up so quickly. If it means that I can buy a dry herb vaporizer like the  XVape Fog convection vaporizer for $179 (AUD) then then I think the vibration is something I can live without.

Not Just for Dry Herb...

The XVape Fog vaporizer is a multi use vape that can be used for both dry Herb and concentrates / waxes. 

Like the XMax Starry 3.0, The XVape Fog comes with a stainless steel liquid pad for vaping concentrates. This pad can be smeared with waxes or concentrates and the convection heating of the XVape Fog vaporizer is perfect for providing superior, low temperature vaping dabs.

Vapour Quality...

Anyone who knows anything about quality vapour will appreciate the superior vapour experienced from a convection heated dry herb vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizers that use convection heating are well known to produce tasty, superior flavour, thicker, more dense vapour than most conduction vaporizers and the XVape Fog is no exception.

From the first draw on the XVape Fog vaporizer to the last draw the vapour quality is above average compared to other dry herb vaporizers that are available. It delivers the level of vapour quality I would expect from a vaporizer that cost literally twice as much. 

The XVape Fog vaporizer definitely delivers on quality.

Value for Money...

The XVape Fog vaporizer is arguably the best value convection dry herb vaporizer on the market at the moment. Its a rare thing to find a quality portable dry herb convection vaporizer that actually performs for the price of the XVape Fog. The XVape Fog is currently available in Australia for $179 (ON SALE NOW $169 at Herb Vape Warehouse) and represents excellent value.

It does lack in some features, like the haptic vibration, Digital display, and full ‘by the degree’ temperature control, but to me these features are unnecessary and are quickly forgotten after the first taste of the vapour produced from the XVape Fog.


There are a few accessories available for the  XVape Fog dry herb vaporizer that are sold separately, such as the ‘water pipe’ adaptor and glass water bubbler attachment are both inexpensive to buy and allow for some variety in how you use your XVape Fog.

The glass water bubbler works really well and contributes that little bit extra towards achieving the smoothest, coolest vapour possible and its something I would definitely recommend trying.

Spare replacement mouthpieces, filters & filter screens, batteries, mains powered external chargers, and other parts & accessories are also readily availably for the XVape Fog vaporizer, so you’ll never be left ‘high’ and dry needing spare parts.

Cleaning & Maintenance...

The design of the XVape Fog vaporizer is such that it makes cleaning it is a breeze. There really isn’t much to clean, and the parts that will accumulate residue over time (like any dry herb vaporizer does)  are easy to pull apart and clean up.

A quick wipe of the chamber with a cotton bud dipped in Isopropyl alcohol is all it take to clean the chamber, and the filter in the mouthpiece comes completely out easily for a quick wipe over and that’s it!

Replacement mouthpiece filters and filter screens are available to purchase seperately.

Regular cleaning is obviously recommended to avoid accumulated residue.


The XVape Fog Vaporizer is superb dry herb vaporizer that is definately worth consideration. It brings quality dry herb convection vaping at a reasonable price.

The XVape Fog is suitable as an entry level dry herb vaporizer due to its ease of use and is also suitable for the more experienced dry herb vape user that appreciates quality, and is looking to add a convection vaporizer to their collection.

The Vapour quality (both taste and density) that the XVape Fog produces is well above other dry herb vaporizers at a similar price, and when it comes down to it, that’s what its all about isn’t it.

XVape Fog Vaporizer Features & Specifications:

  • True convection heating combined with conduction heating
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Zirconian ceramic, swivel mouthpiece - magnetic
  • Hinge flip top mouthpiece for easy access
  • Instant heat-up time
  • Temperature Range (180°F – 220°F)
  • Replaceable 18650 / 2600 mAh Battery
  • Micro USB charger included
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Compatible Dry Herb and concentrates
  • Small, compact design
  • Solid, quality construction

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