Rick and Morty Herb Grinder 63mm 4 Layer Metal


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Rick and Morty Dry Herb / Weed Grinder

63mm, 4 layer, zinc alloy

The Rick and Morty 63mm, 4 Layer Herb Grinder is perfect for grinding dry herb in preparation for using in a dry herb vaporizer.

In order to get the best results when using a dry herb vaporizer it is important to grind the herb into a fine consistency. This provides more surface area of the herbs in the chamber and results in a thicker, more dense vapor.

The Rick and Morty dry herb grinder is a large size 63mm diameter (41mm height) and has 4 separate layers, including a kief / pollen catcher at the bottom and magnetic lid.

It is constructed from black, zinc alloy metal with sharp teeth that will grind up your dry herb with ease.

(There are six different Rick and Morty designs and one will be selected at random. If more than one is ordered then different designs will be shipped)

Rick and Morty Dry Herb Grinder:

  • Metal, Zinc Alloy
  • 63mm diameter x 41mm height
  • 4 Layers
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Pollen / Kief Catcher
  • Pollen / Kief Scraper included
  • Black with printed Rick and Morty design on lid
  • Six different designs (selected at random for shipping)

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